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NIK-L-BLOK is a revolutionary skin barrier cream based on a patented chelating formula that binds free nickel ions, blocking them from penetrating the skin when in contact with metal objects. With an outstanding proven clinical effectiveness, the cream prevents your skin from being sensitised towards nickel as well as protects your skin against nickel induced eczema.


NIK-L-BLOK is the first and only patented product on the global market that enables individuals suffering from nickel allergy to come into everyday contact with metal objects without experiencing allergic reactions on their skin.


NIK-L-BLOK is the result of many years of dermatological research and clinical testing. Its patented formula serves as a testament to its quality and innovation.

NIK-L-BLOK Barrier Cream

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  • Apply a protective layer of NIK-L-BLOK to all skin areas exposed to metal contact. Apply as needed. Re-apply after contact with water. For external use only. Do not use on broken skin (including pierced skin). Avoid contact with eyes.

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